Thursday, September 25, 2008

dreams of home

here's another one i'm working on. it needs lots more layers but i'm loving the idea of putting words in the hair, it adds another texture and point of interest in the overall picture. can't wait to put beeswax on these paintings to finish them up, perhaps next week, in between my chauffeur duties ha ha ha...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

layer love

more layers on some wood pieces I have been working on but due to mommy duties I have been working on my paintings in bits and pieces, adding layers here and there when ever I have a minute. that's what I love about this layering technique, I can add a layer, walk away come back add another layer etc. love love love the layers! here's the result... so far.  I still have to add the beeswax layer.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Finally ...some painting!

Ok enough of politics! It's all just making me crazy!!!
I finally go around to doing a little painting!
here it is the result of layers of paint, stamping, and stencil.
I'll probably add more layers later but for now here's what I got

I still have a few more boards with drawing, wood burning, etc, in various stages of completion.  I always like to work on several projects at once that way if I get bored with one I can move on to the another.  Also works well when you need to leave one alone to dry.

Oh and  still feel horrified at the prospect of Sarah Palin as VP and appaently I am not the only one! Just check out this response