Friday, February 27, 2009


happy happy spring colors
because all the news lately is just so gloomy!
Can't believe it's Friday already! The last two weeks have just flown by!
Spent a lot of time researching Air Conditioners since ours finally died and living in the south, the AC is as essential as a furnace is up north.  Fortunately we've been having an unusually cool winter and haven't really been missing the AC. 
Now I'm looking ahead to Spring, and new opportunities and venues for my work.
Been working on more mini books for etsy and a local shop that wants to carry my scrapbooks (more info on that coming soon) as well as developing some classes to teach.  So much to do so little time! And just look at the mess on my desk! 
This is just a small corner (the rest of it is even worse!)
Hope I can get it all done between all the driving I do for kids.  Speaking of the kids I'm freaking out that the school board is considering going to a 4 day a week schedule, to save money (on utilities!) Not so sure that's such a great idea... all that extra free time to play video games and watch TV.  They would love it I'm sure!   

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

for Valentine's

inspired by Ali Edwards and this project in particular....
so I just had to make one.
used that same flocked paper, and hambly transparency. (vintage plaid in red)
stamped heart by Autumn Leaves  made the love circles in photoshop and printed them on glossy photo paper
pretty pretty shiny shiny!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A little Productivity

With all the cool weather we've been having down here, (which we are no longer used to) we've all gotten sick.  Passing around and sharing a cold virus like every close family right? 
Despite all that I have managed to make a few little 4x4 little scrapbooks for my etsy shop, I like to call them Mini Mini scrapbooks.  They came out so cute! I challenged myself to use (mostly) stuff I had on hand.  I say mostly because I found these adorable die cut felt coasters that were just begging to be made into little books and they were my inspiration. Then one thing led to another and I made a couple of books with painted corrugated covers too and voila...

These are so fun to make, I may add kits to the shop in the future. I would just have to make an instruction sheet to go along with all the bits and pieces.
so many plans so little time...