Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ice cream Memories from DQ

We love icecream and have been going to our local DQ for  for years now, but I never really took pictures of these special trips to for sweet treats.  I did however find 1 photo from 2004 and last night when my DH said "wanna go to DQ for icecream?" I was there with my camera, took a bunch of photos and and today made a page with a pic from 2004 and 2012. And the cool thing is I never would have thought of doing that kind of page without the 12  class at! Thank you Stacy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project Life

Here's a little peak of the title page for my Project Life 2012  Album. It's still laying on my work table all in pieces just waiting for the page protectors that I ordered to arrive.  I decide to use paper from my stash to create all date and journalling cards, instead of purchasing a kit because I've got lots to work with and I wanted to see if I like this approach enough to do it for a whole year.

I have all the photos for week 1 printed and ready to go, all the journal cards too, Week 2 is ready all I have to do is print my photos and I have notes for the journalling.  
We are now in week three and I have a few comments to share about my process.  I have decided to have my photos printed every couple of weeks or maybe just once a month since I don't want print them at home and I don't want to run to the Target every week.  On Sundays, I plan out which pictures from the previous week to use and where they will go. I use a sketch on the worksheet I created to keep me organized. I also use the worksheet to jot down notes and observations throughout the week. 
So far so good, I just have to remember to take pictures everyday and upload them from my camera and phone at the end of every week. 

I also spent a little time this week creating journalling card to print and use throughout the year. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello 2012!

I've got a lovely new mini to share....
A flower shape chipboard mini with a pretty painted wood butterfly on the cover and stamped butterflies inside.

See more photos here

I'm also working on some personal projects this year including Twelve with Stacy Julian and Project Life.  My approach to Project Life is simply to take more photos every week, take note of everyday little things and with a focus on favorite moment of the week and points of gratitude.  I decided to embark on this particular project because my kids are already teens, they are growing towards adulthood so fast and I feel like my little ones are slipping away, I want to savor every moment for as long as I can in a vain effort to slow the relentless passage of time.  I will be posting my progress of Project Life as well as some comments on my planning and process. Stay tuned!