Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wood burning Love

I found these great little birchwood plaques at walmart today. they are small yes but only 98 cents so they are perfect for practicing the wood burning technique.  I have never done it befor and wasn't sure if I would like.  I borrowed a wood burning tool from Barbara and tried it out on these little plaques. I have to say that it was actually fun to burn with the tool.  I love the effect! I had so much fun I did both plaques.  I don't think I woud ever have thought to do this on my own so thanks SuziBlu!


DeeDee said...

They are lovely. I especially like the composition of the circular one.

MizKatie said...

Wow! You have really got it! :) I still need to buy wood, so right now I'm working in my sketch book, still. You're inspiring me to get to the lumber yard and get started.

purplecat said...

Fabulous wood panels- wish I had a walmart near me!!
Its a great class isnt it?
Karen-purplecat x