Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year New Word

At the beginning of each year I think about a word, a mantra, theme for the year.  It's an idea inspired by Ali Edwards.  In the past, words like Balance, Serenity, Simplicity have become a on going theme for me.  All the abundance and choice of today's world has left me (and I'm sure a lot of people) a little overwhelmed and even somewhat unhappy. In our hectic world we are all searching for a little happiness and peace.
After seeing these TED talks
I though a lot about these ideas and realized that the pursuit of happiness and well being is not dependent on acquiring but on acceptance.  Happiness as it turns out is not to be found, but synthesized.  
So my word for this year is MAKE DO.
It's not only about finding happiness but about really thinking about the choices I make, about gratitude for everything good in my life,  about finding creative solutions, about living in the moment, slowing down, about appreciating and accepting and in the end about creating a life of simplicity, serenity and balance.

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