Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Idea Festival

he countdown to "back to school" is on and I plan to do lots of scrapping when the kids are back at school. So I decided to go through all my stuff which somehow made its way into several rooms in the house.  How about some ribbon with your waffles, primas with your coffee? No? Well the kitchen island was getting a little overrun with my supplies and it was time to get everything back into its proper place.
I've spent the last several weeks cleaning up and organizing all my stuff and rearranging my scrap room.    It's amazing how much stuff you can forget that you have if you don't periodically organize and take inventory.  And now that all the flowers are together and the embellishments have be sorted, I feel so much better.  Now I know where everything is and how much adhesive, replacement blades and stickles I have.  
It's not quite finished yet but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My favorite new things in my scrap room are the embellishment shelves I built (yes that was me with the drill). They will house my flowers, small embellishments and my cricut cartridge library.

They don't look like much here but they've been painted and once they get up on the wall and filled up they will be really functional.  And not a moment too soon because coming this Monday, is... 
Big Picture Scrapbooking
"Over the course of 13 days you'll receive 39 different project and layout ideas from our fabulous instructors!" 

And the best's totally free!

Hopefully I'll be ready by Monday!
Have a great weekend!

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